Choosing the right auto insurance in Virginia Beach is often confusing for the novice car owner. However, with the right agent, you will soon find that you and your car have affordable coverage. Here are some pointers on how to choose the right car insurance.

What Are You Insuring?

New cars that have a bank loan against them require different coverage than cars that have a clear title. If you just bought a car, and will be making monthly payments on it, you’ll need comprehensive coverage. If you drive a “junker”, you’ll probably just need liability.

Comprehensive Coverage

Comprehensive coverage covers everything that could go wrong with your car, regardless of whose fault it is. Lenders who provide money for car loans require comprehensive coverage, because the car technically belongs to them and they don’t want it ruined.

With this type of coverage, your car can be repaired regardless of the type of damage. If bad weather leaves it covered in hail dents, comprehensive insurance will pay to have the dents removed and paint repaired. It will replace a broken windshield, and if you have a wreck, it will pay to repair the car, whether the wreck is your fault or not.


Liability is required by law. This protects other people if you cause a wreck. This type of coverage doesn’t pay to fix your car if the wreck is your fault. It is intended to put the other person “back on the road” without being penalized for your mistake.

Classic Car Coverage

There is also a type of coverage for classic cars. This is important for those connoisseurs who collect and occasionally drive older models. Parts can be hard to find for these vehicles, so insurance policies are usually written specifically for those models.

Proper Coverage

Choosing the proper coverage is based on the type of car you drive. The newer the car, the better you want your insurance to be. This is because, so many times, you plan to drive the car for several more years, and want to keep it repaired.

People who own older cars often find themselves in a difficult position, though. Should they choose comprehensive coverage, or simply liability? If you can afford it, it’s usually a good idea to keep comprehensive. This will repair your car no matter what happens. However, to save money, you might want to drop full coverage and expand your liability.

Virginia Beach car insurance can be written to suit your needs and budget. Talk to your agent to find out what is best for your coverage and your car.