Progressive Snapshot in Virginia Beach

There are many ways in which Progressive has found to save you money and their latest innovation is no different, you now have the opportunity to get the new Progressive snapshot in Virginia Beach.  Progressive has found a way to join technology and saving you money. The best part of this new technology is all you have to do is plug it in and drive like you would normally. If you have not heard of this great new way to save here is some information that you will want to have.

The Progressive snapshot in Virginia Beach is a device that you are able to put into your car for a thirty day trails. The snapshot will go into your diagnostic port which most people are able to locate below the steering column. This device will track three main items while you are driving. These three items are how often you drive between the hours of midnight and four in the morning, how often you slam on your breaks, and how many miles you drive. At the end of the thirty days you will be able to have a personalized rate. This will go into effect immediately for those that choose to continue using the snapshot for an additional five months you will be able to set an ongoing renewal discount. It is that easy to save.

There is nothing to worry about with this new way to save. There is no GPS tracking and your rate will not increase. The Progressive snapshot is designed to see how you drive to ensure that you are able to get the best pricing plan available for you. One of the features that you can look at with the Virginia Beach Progressive snapshot is that you can go online and see the latest projected discount. Another nifty feature is you can look at specific trips if you would like to review them. You will also be able to access and overview of your driving habits. These are all tools that will help you to save money. For those that decide that the Progressive snapshot is not for them you are more than welcome to end your trail early. For those safe drivers out there this is a great way to save money on your car insurance by simply driving like you normally do.

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