For anyone who uses their vehicles for Rideshare, they need to make sure they have insurance protection. Each time a Progressive client utilizes their personal vehicle to deliver goods via a digital network, that’s called ridesharing. The same for those who take people from place to place for money or a fee


If you are doing ridesharing, there are many risks to be aware of such as:

  • Possibility of not being covered in the event of an accident. Using your TNC or network company’s transportation coverage often doesn’t do so.
  • Rideshare activity is typically excluded and not covered in personal auto policies.
  • There may be gaps or lapses in your personal auto coverage policy.

To avoid all of this, you can add a TNC endorsement. Adding it to your personal auto insurance policy provides protection. The coverage is in place when you are logged on even if you have not taken a delivery request or accepted a ride.
Begin protecting yourself and your vehicle now by using the right Ridesharing coverage.
Keep in mind that the specifics pertaining to coverage when it comes to ridesharing and transporting goods, vary from state to state. In addition, these coverage’s are not always available in every state.
The smart choice from Progressive when it comes to RIDESHARE is adding it to your existing personal auto policy. Doing so will cover any gaps that need to be filled in.


Below are the differences between what is covered with the Rideshare policy and what is not.

Progressive Personal Auto Policy Alone –

  • The personal auto policy applies when you are offline.

When you are Online or available –

  • There is no coverage from your personal auto policy offered.
  • Limitations on coverage may apply using your TNC’s policy.

En Route –

  • You TNC’s policy may apply in some cases. There could be some high deductibles.

While On a Ride –

  • Typically, your TNC’s policy may apply. It is with a possibility of high deductibles.
  • Your Progressive Personal Auto Policy along with Rideshare Insurance from Progressive Covers

When You are Off line

  • Your personal auto policy in place applies

When you are available

  • Most of the coverage gaps which occur between the TNC’s policy and the personal auto policy are filled if you use Rideshare insurance from Progressive.

En Route –

  • Typically, the TNC policy applies.
    In addition, deductible gap coverage is provided by TNC endorsement. This helps to bring decrease policy holder’s out-of-pocket costs.

On A Ride –

  • Typically, the TNC policy applies.
    Using Rideshare insurance provide by Progressive covers any gaps in deductibles. That helps to bring down your out-of-pocket costs.

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