Virginia Beach health insurance is just a phone call away with Hampton Roads Insurance Services. Whether you are searching for individual health insurance, or coverage for your family or employees, our friendly agents can help you find the right policy. Here is some information about health insurance.


Health insurance in Virginia Beach is available for business of all sizes. Even the entrepreneur with just 2 or 3 employees can find coverage options that help make them competitive in the hiring market. So many times, the small businessman with fewer than 30 employees can’t hire qualified workers because those people go to the larger companies that have more benefits. By offering health insurance, you can be more competitive in the hiring market, drawing in the most qualified people who may, otherwise, think that a “job with a big company” is the only way to go. Health insurance Virginia Beach gives small businesses an advantage in hiring the best and brightest.


Businesses can usually get great discounts on Virginia Beach health insurance through Hampton Roads Insurance Services. An employee pool of over 30 people gains you access to better rates. All of the insurance policies accessed by the Hampton Roads Insurance Services team include top-notch health care provider networks and streamlined account management. Gone are the days when you had to pay all of your medical bills up front and hope for a refund from the insurance company. With Hampton Roads insurance Services, you can get HMO or PPO insurance coverage that offers great copays and modest deductibles. Our independent insurance agency can comparison shop on your behalf to find the best policies for your business situation and for your employees.


Individual health insurance in Virginia Beach is certainly attainable through Hampton Roads Insurance Services. Don’t believe the nay-sayers who tell you that individual health insurance it too expensive to even consider. With the client pools available these days, you can certainly find an individual policy that will give you protection for everything from either catastrophic injury or illness to your daily health maintenance.


Virginia Beach health insurance for the family can be tailored to the needs of your family. For instance, a family with small children may benefit from an HMO policy that features a low copay for doctor visits and prescriptions. This way, when the kids start passing around stuff they caught at daycare or school, you won’t go broke on the repetitive doctor visits and follow-ups, much less the tidal wave of prescriptions. On the other hand, maybe the kids have finally moved out. You and the spouse are in good health, and hardly ever go to the doctor Your pocket-book may benefit from a higher deductible and lower premiums than you’ve previously had. You’ll still have the catastrophic coverage you need for emergencies, but with lower monthly outlay.

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