Health Insurance Quotes In Virginia Beach

When you are looking for health insurance quotes in Virginia Beach, there are a number of things your agent will consider as he or she as he calculates rates.

Your Virginia Beach health insurance quote will reflect the type of coverage you wish to have. For instance, if you are an employer looking for health insurance benefits for your employees, you will probably want to look at basic coverage. Often, this will be an HMO policy.

An HMO, or Health Maintenance Organization, limits all medical care to health care providers within the insurance company’s network. You will choose a Primary Care Physician that supervises all of your medical care and makes referrals for services that he does not perform in his office. These referrals will be to other network providers.

HMO networks are vast and varied, with every kind of doctor you could ever need signed up in the networks. In fact, almost every health care provider is part of at least one insurance company network, if not more.

Another characteristic of the HMO is a copay. This is designed to make the burden of your insurance deductible easier to bear. With a copay, you receive a discount on medical services and prescriptions, plus a set charge for each service. For instance your copay for doctor visits may be $20, and for prescriptions it may be $15. This copay usually will apply to your deductible, and the insurance company will pay the balance of the charge. This kind of policy is great for growing families, or families who have ongoing medical bills. It may have a higher monthly premium, but the daily impact on your budget is much more manageable.

With an HMO policy, you’ll have to be prepared to part with favorite doctors who are not part of the insurance company’s network. This is because the insurance company won’t pay for any services from providers outside the company network.

When you look for health insurance quotes in Virginia Beach, and have specific doctors you want to use, see if they are on the insurance company’s network. If not, you may need a PPO or POS policy, in which you are allowed to go out of network for certain services. In these cases, you will have to pay the overage that the particular doctor charges, buy you still have access to the insurance company’s network for other medical care. Your copay will still be in effect for these services, which will help save you money. Keep these things in mind when you get Virginia Beach health insurance quotes.

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