Five questions that can save you money on Virginia Beach car insurance

When it comes to car insurance, there are a number of ways to reduce your premium. And in today’s tough economic times, every little bit helps.

Asking your local independent agent the right questions can mean big savings. Leading car insurer Progressive recommends asking these five questions:

Can I save by shopping around? Car insurance rates can vary by hundreds of dollars between carriers, so check the rates of several companies to make sure you’re getting the best deal. Last year, people who switched to Progressive and saved reported saving an average of $550 on their annual premium. And because an independent agent represents several companies, he or she can quickly and easily compare rates for you.

Am I carrying the right amount of coverage? Owners of older or inexpensive cars could consider dropping Comprehensive and Collision coverages. Doing that can save hundreds of dollars each year.

Is my policy up to date? If you’ve moved, gotten married, or bought a home, check with your agent – you may be eligible for lower rates.

Should I raise my deductible? According to the Insurance Information Institute, raising your deductibles to $500 could reduce your Collision and Comprehensive costs by 15 to 30 percent.

Do I qualify for any discounts? Ask your agent if your carrier offers reduced premiums for certain car features like anti-lock brakes. You might also be eligible for discounts if you pay in full, own a home, are a loyal customer, have no recent tickets or accidents, sign up for paperless billing, list another car on your policy, and more.

To learn more, talk to Jake Mullen with Hampton Roads Insurance Services.

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How To Choose The Right Auto Insurance

Choosing the right auto insurance in Virginia Beach is often confusing for the novice car owner. However, with the right agent, you will soon find that you and your car have affordable coverage. Here are some pointers on how to choose the right car insurance.

What Are You Insuring?

New cars that have a bank loan against them require different coverage than cars that have a clear title. If you just bought a car, and will be making monthly payments on it, you’ll need comprehensive coverage. If you drive a “junker”, you’ll probably just need liability.

Comprehensive Coverage

Comprehensive coverage covers everything that could go wrong with your car, regardless of whose fault it is. Lenders who provide money for car loans require comprehensive coverage, because the car technically belongs to them and they don’t want it ruined.

With this type of coverage, your car can be repaired regardless of the type of damage. If bad weather leaves it covered in hail dents, comprehensive insurance will pay to have the dents removed and paint repaired. It will replace a broken windshield, and if you have a wreck, it will pay to repair the car, whether the wreck is your fault or not.


Liability is required by law. This protects other people if you cause a wreck. This type of coverage doesn’t pay to fix your car if the wreck is your fault. It is intended to put the other person “back on the road” without being penalized for your mistake.

Classic Car Coverage

There is also a type of coverage for classic cars. This is important for those connoisseurs who collect and occasionally drive older models. Parts can be hard to find for these vehicles, so insurance policies are usually written specifically for those models.

Proper Coverage

Choosing the proper coverage is based on the type of car you drive. The newer the car, the better you want your insurance to be. This is because, so many times, you plan to drive the car for several more years, and want to keep it repaired.

People who own older cars often find themselves in a difficult position, though. Should they choose comprehensive coverage, or simply liability? If you can afford it, it’s usually a good idea to keep comprehensive. This will repair your car no matter what happens. However, to save money, you might want to drop full coverage and expand your liability.

Virginia Beach car insurance can be written to suit your needs and budget. Talk to your agent to find out what is best for your coverage and your car.

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3 Things To Consider When Shopping For Car Insurance

Once you start shopping for car insurance in Virginia Beach, you’ll find that there are several variables to consider. Whether you choose comprehensive, liability only, a high deductible, or low deductible, your policy will help protect you legally and financially, as well. Here are 3 things to consider when shopping for car insurance.


The amount of deductible you select will affect the cost of your policy and the out-of-pocket expenses you have when repairing your car. The deductible is the amount you pay for repairs before insurance starts paying. Most people carry around a $500 deductible on their policies. This should be based on how much you can keep in reserve to pay for repairs. If you normally have a pretty good emergency fund, then a high deductible on your auto coverage will save you money in the long run.

On the flip side, if you usually don’t have much of a rainy day fund, you might need to consider a lower deductible. These policies cost a little more each month, but you will be more likely to be able to afford your share of repairs if there is weather damage or a wreck.


Your premiums will be partly determined by the size of your deductible and by whether or not you have full coverage or just liability. If you have to carry full coverage to satisfy a lender, then you may want to carry a high deductible. This will get your premiums a little lower, and help to counteract the increased rates that come with comprehensive coverage.

Independent or Captive

There are basically two different types of insurance agents: independent and captive. A captive agent works for only one insurance company. He writes and sells policy for only one provider, and doesn’t have access to the policies of other insurance agencies. Therefore, he cannot comparison shop for his client’s best interests.

An independent agent is licensed to sell insurance for a number of different providers.  This gives him the ability to select the best policy for each client, rather than a one-size-fits-all policy. In insurance, just as with any other purchase, it pays to shop around. An independent agent can do that very thing for you, and devise your policy to fit your budget and your needs.

Have your auto insurance in Virginia Beach tailored to fit your needs. Talk with your agent today to set your coverage, premiums, and deductibles.

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Progressive Snapshot in Virginia Beach

There are many ways in which Progressive has found to save you money and their latest innovation is no different, you now have the opportunity to get the new Progressive snapshot in Virginia Beach.  Progressive has found a way to join technology and saving you money. The best part of this new technology is all you have to do is plug it in and drive like you would normally. If you have not heard of this great new way to save here is some information that you will want to have.

The Progressive snapshot in Virginia Beach is a device that you are able to put into your car for a thirty day trails. The snapshot will go into your diagnostic port which most people are able to locate below the steering column. This device will track three main items while you are driving. These three items are how often you drive between the hours of midnight and four in the morning, how often you slam on your breaks, and how many miles you drive. At the end of the thirty days you will be able to have a personalized rate. This will go into effect immediately for those that choose to continue using the snapshot for an additional five months you will be able to set an ongoing renewal discount. It is that easy to save.

There is nothing to worry about with this new way to save. There is no GPS tracking and your rate will not increase. The Progressive snapshot is designed to see how you drive to ensure that you are able to get the best pricing plan available for you. One of the features that you can look at with the Virginia Beach Progressive snapshot is that you can go online and see the latest projected discount. Another nifty feature is you can look at specific trips if you would like to review them. You will also be able to access and overview of your driving habits. These are all tools that will help you to save money. For those that decide that the Progressive snapshot is not for them you are more than welcome to end your trail early. For those safe drivers out there this is a great way to save money on your car insurance by simply driving like you normally do.

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Progressive Car Insurance in Virginia Beach

When it comes to protecting your pocket book and staying legal, Progressive car insurance in Virginia Beach is the way to go. The law requires that everyone carry valid insurance on their vehicle. Some try to get by with the bare minimums, so if they get into an accident, their car insurance will cover damage done to another person or medical bills. Of course, the downside here is, if anything happens to your vehicle or property, you are on your own. In an economy that remains turbulent after these past several years, it sometimes makes sense to try and trim the budget wherever we can. But, what happens when someone does go wrong?

Auto insurance is just one of those unavoidable facts of life. If you drive, you better have it. State minimum car insurance requires different things in different states. In Virginia Beach, minimum car insurance requirements include bodily injury/death of one person $25,000, bodily injury/death of two or more persons $50,000, and property damage of $20,000. If you have been lucky enough to never need to rely on your insurance to cover bodily injury or property damage, you might not know that these are relatively paltry sums. If someone decides to sure, or if the damage is more than your automobile insurance covers, you will be at a loss dealing with courts, possibly seeing wages garnished, and more.

If you are looking to protect yourself and your loved ones financially if and when there is an accident, you should sit down and speak directly with a licensed insurance representative who can give you different options including Progressive car insurance in Virginia Beach. They can help you cover car insurance, motorcycle insurance, RV insurance, and even boat insurance. You end up a lot better off when something doesn’t go according to plan, when you have taken the steps to protect yourself with a good insurance package.

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Affordable Car Insurance in Virginia Beach

Who has the best, affordable car insurance in Virginia Beach? It really depends on who you ask. Affordable means different things to different people. Everyone who drives in Virginia Beach needs to go ahead and get car insurance or motorcycle insurance. But, different people have different budgets, so what is affordable to one may not be affordable to another. For this reason, there are lots of options when it comes to auto insurance in Virginia Beach.

Of course, you can go around shopping online at the various car insurance websites. You may find a deal that you can live with—or even one that is much less than what you’re already paying. But, there is always that question. Am I getting the best on my car insurance? Working with a local, licensed insurance agent can be quite beneficial. They have already done the research and they can find the plan that is right for you. Insurance isn’t based on high pressure sales like a lot of other things out there, either. Insurance is something everyone needs, and businesses and insurance sales reps have learned that it is better to be honest and get you the deal you want or need rather than trying to talk you into something else.

Whether you are looking for state minimum coverage or comprehensive insurance coverage, a licensed insurange agent can find you the deal you need at the best possible price. They’re familiar with the different major insurance carriers and the things that can affect your car insurance rates including age, place of employment, residence, time driving, past driving history, type of vehicle, make model and year of vehicle, and so on. They know the ins and outs of the insurance industry, so they can get you the most affordable car insurance in Virginia Beach.

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Car Insurance Quotes in Virginia Beach

When you start looking for car insurance quotes in Virginia Beach, be sure to shop around. In fact, you can save yourself a lot of money and time if you just go to an independent agent to get your Virginia Beach car insurance quotes.

An independent agent works for himself, representing you to several different insurance agencies. He usually has good negotiation leverage because the insurance companies know that they must compete for his business. When you tell the independent agent what you need in the form of car insurance, he can comparison shop for you, getting the best rate possible. The independent agent will take your information one time, and use it to calculate rates from several of the leading car insurance companies. This form of comparison shopping is proven to be one of the best ways to save money on car insurance.

A captive agent works for the insurance company itself. This means he is an expert in the policies offered by one agency. Since he works for the company, they will want to help him make a good deal for your insurance, but he doesn’t have as much negotiation power as an independent agent because there is no competition. If you get car insurance quotes in Virginia Beach from a captive agent, you’ll only know what his company can provide for your car coverage and premiums. To get the information from another company, you’ll have to find an agent that works for that company and give him your information, and let him put together a quote. You’ll do this with each car insurance company from which you want a quote.

With any kind of car insurance, you’ll find that you can save money a couple of different ways. Your insurance agent in Virginia Beach may recommend that you bundle all of your cars with one insurance company. Most of them will give a multi-car discount to families with 2 or more cars to insure.

Another way to save money on your car insurance is to keep your deductible as high as you can afford. If you are able to maintain a fairly healthy savings account, to the point where you could afford a $1000 repair bill to your car, you can select a $1000 deductible. This will significantly lower your premiums every month. By contrast, an auto insurance policy with a low deductible such as $250 will have higher monthly premiums.

Contact your agent to see the best type of car insurance for your needs. The right agent can give you a range of car insurance quotes in Virginia Beach.

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Health Insurance Quotes In Virginia Beach

When you are looking for health insurance quotes in Virginia Beach, there are a number of things your agent will consider as he or she as he calculates rates.

Your Virginia Beach health insurance quote will reflect the type of coverage you wish to have. For instance, if you are an employer looking for health insurance benefits for your employees, you will probably want to look at basic coverage. Often, this will be an HMO policy.

An HMO, or Health Maintenance Organization, limits all medical care to health care providers within the insurance company’s network. You will choose a Primary Care Physician that supervises all of your medical care and makes referrals for services that he does not perform in his office. These referrals will be to other network providers.

HMO networks are vast and varied, with every kind of doctor you could ever need signed up in the networks. In fact, almost every health care provider is part of at least one insurance company network, if not more.

Another characteristic of the HMO is a copay. This is designed to make the burden of your insurance deductible easier to bear. With a copay, you receive a discount on medical services and prescriptions, plus a set charge for each service. For instance your copay for doctor visits may be $20, and for prescriptions it may be $15. This copay usually will apply to your deductible, and the insurance company will pay the balance of the charge. This kind of policy is great for growing families, or families who have ongoing medical bills. It may have a higher monthly premium, but the daily impact on your budget is much more manageable.

With an HMO policy, you’ll have to be prepared to part with favorite doctors who are not part of the insurance company’s network. This is because the insurance company won’t pay for any services from providers outside the company network.

When you look for health insurance quotes in Virginia Beach, and have specific doctors you want to use, see if they are on the insurance company’s network. If not, you may need a PPO or POS policy, in which you are allowed to go out of network for certain services. In these cases, you will have to pay the overage that the particular doctor charges, buy you still have access to the insurance company’s network for other medical care. Your copay will still be in effect for these services, which will help save you money. Keep these things in mind when you get Virginia Beach health insurance quotes.

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