Obamacare is here, and Hampton Roads Insurance Services is ready for it. Do you understand all of the changes that are about to happen to health insurance and healthcare because of the Affordable Health Care Act? Probably not, but that’s ok, because we’re ready for the big change.


The Affordable Health Care Act will be transferred to your health insurance policy as smoothly as possible by your agent at our offices. As an independent insurance agency, we have been working diligently with the different insurance carriers to find out exactly how they want to implement Obamacare in their policies.


It appears that the insurance exchanges that were supposed to be made available to the uninsured will be impossible to implement. They will be put into use in some places, in a very limited capacity, but they require a great deal of funding that is simply not available. However, if you are insured with us, the insurance exchanges won’t affect you. Your policy is safe with us, and we are already working to make sure your rates don’t go up and that your coverage stays the same.

If you think you may have to be a member of an insurance exchange, try out Hampton Roads Insurance Services, first. We will be authorized to work as a member of the insurance exchange, when or if it is fully operational. Let us worry about the details – that’s what we’re here for.


We continue to offer the most reasonably priced employer insurance in the Virginia Beach area. While many employers find themselves having to drop employee coverage, those who do business with us receive great information on how to retain the best coverage at the lowest prices. Don’t cut off your employees, talk to us. We can put together a package for your full time employees so that you don’t have to cut their hours in order to stay afloat.


With unemployment at an all-time high, many workers are taking on several part time jobs to make ends meet. These people have lost their insurance policies, formerly provided by their full-time jobs. While the scenario is dark, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Don’t wait for the insurance exchanges to get into full swing before you look for medical coverage. Come by our offices, and tell us your situation. We are in a position to negotiate with some of the biggest names in the health insurance industry to get coverage for you and your family members. You will also be established with an approved agency if, or when, the exchanges become operational. Until then, you’ll have the health coverage you need to protect you and your family. It will also help to maintain your Creditable Coverage, which is crucial should the “pre existing conditions” part of Obamacare fail.

CONTACT OUR INSURANCE AGENCY RIGHT AWAY AT 757-285-4754 IN Virginia Beach, Virginia, for the absolute best rates on health, homeowners and auto insurance.